Top 10 Porkistani narratives

  1. Porkistan army is far better than Indian army – this is the most common narrative in Porkistan as they think Indian armies are Hindus and Hindus are very weak compared to their counterpart i.e Porkistani army. Porkistan has fought 4 major wars with India and in all those wars India had beaten Porkistanis like hell and still, they think they are superior. Till date, they have this perception and they should keep this up and benefit Indians with this perception.
  2. Porkistanis think that they ruled India for 1000 years– this is also a very common narrative taught to their young children about India. They say that Porkis ruled India for 1000 years, but the fact is Mughals ruled India for just about 800 years. They think they are the descendants of the Mughals which again make we laugh because most of these Porkis were Hindus who were converted generations back.
  3. Porkis claim on Kashmir– this is the biggest issue Porkis have with India. Kashmir is part of India and it will remain till the Earth is in existence. They claim Kashmir just because the maximum number of Kashmiris are Muslim. The problem here is that the kashmiris are very different people then the Porkis apart from being only Muslim. They have different language, they wear different cloths etc. but still they claim this part of India which is again stupid on part of Porkis because India will never give it territory and will also take the part of kashmir that is been taken by the Porkis i.e POK.
  4. Porkis know India is developed country– recently on YouTube there are many videos of the Porkistani media about India and how developed India is. In many of these videos you will see how Porkis anchors are talking about India’s development like in economy, science, technology and space. They accept the fact that India is far ahead of the Porkis in terms of science, technology, space and economy.
  5. In foreign countries Porkis claim to be Indians– this is a very real fact that how Porkis especially in Western countries like US, UK, Canada, Europe hide their identity as Porkistanis and calls themselves Indians. This is because the fact that Porkistans involvement in all illegal & terrorism activities around the globe. Porkis are usually considered as people belonging to terrorist country and therefore these people claim to be Indians as Indians are the most successful, rich and educated immigrants in the western world. Pity Porkistanis.
  6. Worst passport in the world– as per the passport index, Porkistan’s passport is the world’s worst passport only after Afghanistan. It ranks 140 out of 141. This is again because of the fact that Porkistans involvement in all the major terrorism activities around the world. If there is any terrorist activity in any part of the world there will be at least a single Porkistani connection. This is the reason the Porkis passport is the worst in the world.
  7. Porkis blame India for 1972 Bangladesh liberation– this is actually true, but the fact is that it was Porkis who made India to do this. Today’s Bangladesh was East Porkistan before 1972 but after India attacked East Porkistan because of refugee crisis in 1972 it became a proud Bengal nation. This was because Porkis stated abusing the local Bengali people. The Porkistani army Killed millions of men and raped their women and therefore refugees started crossing the boundaries and started settling into Indian territory and so eventually India took this action and attacked and freed Bangladesh.
  8. Porkistan’s good terrorism and bad terrorism– This term is used in Porkistan as good terrorist and bad terrorist. This means that those terrorists that attacks India and Indian are good terrorism and those terrorist attacks Porkistan and its people is bad terrorism.
  9. Not a single Porki PM completed his/ her tenure as PM– yes not a single Porkistan’s PM has completed his/ her tenure as PM of Porkistan. The country has seen 22 PM in last 70 years and the longest serving PM was Nawaz Sharif.
  10. 700K Indian Army – this is the one of the most propagated myth by the porkis to the world. Total strength of the Indian army is around 1.3 million, if India has posted almost 60-65% of it army then it means all the other boarder areas with china, Bangladesh and Pakistan has only remaining 35% of Indian army guarding. This is total nonsense which porkis have successfully propagated.