New Global alliance formed to counter China threat amid rising tensions

New Global alliance formed to counter China threat amid rising tensions

A new group of lawmakers from 8 countries and EU has said that the international cooperation needed to be protecting the democratic values from assertive communist China.

These legislators from different political spectrum have formed a global alliance to push their govt to take a tougher stand against China.

In the UK, the group will be co-chaired by the Labour peer Helena Kennedy and the former Conservative party leader Iain Duncan-Smith. The other members of the group are Japan, Canada, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Australia, and the EU as well as the US. The US senators Marco Rubio and Robert Menendez are co-chairs.

“China under the rule of the Chinese Communist party represents a global challenge,” the co-chairs said in a statement. “When countries have stood up for the values and human rights, they have done so alone, sometimes, at great cost. No country should have to shoulder this burden on their own.”

“No nation should be able to freely jeopardise global values and human rights” they added further

China’s increasingly authoritarian direction under Xi Jinping has undermined the belief that drove decades of engagement by democratic countries: that as the country became wealthier, it would open up politically.

The group said in a statement: “The assumptions that once underpinned our engagement with Beijing no longer correspond to the reality.

“The Inter-Parliamentary Alliance on China has been created to promote a coordinated response between democratic states to challenges posed by the present conduct and future ambitions of the People’s Republic of China.”

“By developing a common set of principles and frameworks that transcend domestic party divisions and international borders, our democracies will be able to keep the rules-based and human rights systems true to their founding purposes.”

A senior Chinese diplomat dismissed the group. “Its a misinterpretation of China’s foreign policy and a misreading of the current world situation,” Chen Wen, minister at the Chinese embassy in London told the BBC. “China is a force for positive change.”


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