Pakistan Army Chief Gen. Bajwa Gets A Royal Snub In Saudi Arabia.

Pakistan Army Chief Gen. Bajwa Gets A Royal Snub In Saudi Arabia.

Pakistani Gen. Qamar Bajwa started his Saudi trip on Sunday to meet the Royals amid tensions between the 2 countries due to Pak foreign Minister’s statement of quitting OIC and starting a new Islamic block just like OIC.

The Gen. who was also accompanied by ISI chief General Faiz Hameed returned Pakistan on Monday empty-handed and loads of embarrassment as the Royals snub Pakistanis who went to please them.

Their visit to Saudi Arabia was an epic failure. According to reports, the Pakistan Army chief couldn’t even secure a meeting with the Saudi crown prince Mohamed bin Salman who did not give him an audience.

On top of this Gen Bajwa was supposed to get a medal from the Saudi but the Royals changed their mind and all he got was a meeting with the crown prince’s younger brother Sheikh Khalid bin Salman, the deputy defense minister of Saudi Arabia and Major General Fayyad Ali Ruwaili, the Kingdom’s chief of staff.

The Saudi Prince MBS is known for meeting all the chief guest that arrives in Saudi. In fact, last time when Bajwa went to Saudi on a state visit he met the Prince, but this time the Prince completely avoided meeting Bajwa.

Imran Khan’s obsession with Kashmir has ruined his ties with the crown prince. His government has always relied on the Kashmir narrative to stay in power. Now, the same narrative has jeopardized Pakistan’s foreign policy. It has damaged its business dealings with most Islamic countries and Saudi Arabia is not just any Islamic country – it is the de facto leader of the Islamic world.



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