Pakistan ISI Honey Traps Indian Blackmail’s Him To Send Sensitive Information

Pakistan ISI Honey Traps Indian Blackmail’s Him To Send Sensitive Information

A 51 yr old man from Gorakhpur was rescued from a trap of Karachi based agents of ISI. The nefarious modus operandi of ISI operatives to lure poor or lower-middle-class Muslim families visiting their relatives in various cities of Pakistan.

Mohammed Hanif (name changed) was honey-trapped by two Pakistani agents with the man being led to Karachi brothel, where he was secretly filmed.

These pictures were used to blackmail him to send ISI some sensitive information. This sensitive information included images of the Gorakhpur railway station, the Indian Air Force station, and the Kundra Ghat military station, besides instructions to penetrate the number of “WhatsApp group” of Indian soldiers in the city.

“In June, Lucknow based Military Intelligence (MI) unit received an intel regarding suspicious activities of a Gorakhpur based mobile number from their counterpart in J&K. The operation was ‘Op Gorakhdhanda’. After sufficiently developing the case as per a plan the suspect, Mohammed Arif was confronted by a team of UP ATS on Friday. 51-year-old Mohammed Arif has multiple relatives in Karachi, Pakistan and has visited Pakistan four times; in 2014, 2016, 2017 and lastly in December 2018 for various social needs,” Official said.

“During his last visit to Karachi, two Pakistan officials using names of Fahad and Rana Aqeel paid a visit to his sister’s house and around 10 days before Arif’s return to India, Fahad and Rana Aqeel took him to a lodge/ safe-house kind of place and offered him services of a young and good-looking sex-worker. Arif eagerly accepted the offer and his acts are being captured by multiple hidden cameras” he added further.

However, Indian agencies soon found out the ISI sinister plan and launched ‘Operation Gorakhdhanda’ and busted ISI plan.


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