Pakistan Warns Tik-Tok To Control Obscenity, Immorality.

Pakistan Warns Tik-Tok To Control Obscenity, Immorality.

It looks like Tik-Tok trouble has not ended yet. After the short video app was banned in India and US is on its way to do the same as India did, Pakistan has warned Tik-Tok for the objectional content on the platform.

On Monday, the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) issued a warning to TikTok and blocked Bigo, a live-streaming application, following complaints of “immoral, obscene and vulgar content” that was leading to “extremely negative effects” in youth, in particular.

The regulatory body added that the responses from the companies on its earlier notices to moderate the content within moral and legal limits had “not been satisfactory”.

Earlier this month, the online battle game PUBG was banned temporarily by the PTA for being “addictive” and harmful to the health of players.

Though Tik Tok is said to have the maximum number of downloads in Pakistan but it has a dark side to it too.  Last month a boy accidentally shot himself while recording a video for Tik Tok. Also, dangerous train stunts are recorded for the app. Rapes and other sex-related crime is also on the rise because of this social media platform.


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